All those past Dili hashers who created all this.  Alternatively, who to contact if you are new, want to run with the hash, left your underwear at a hash run or want to find out who lobbed an empty beer can at you recently ?

The 2014 Committee and hangers-on are as follows :

GM (Grand Master) Daisy
RA (Religious Advisor) Nuts On
ChoirMaster Brewers Droop and his all-girl Indian choir
General Backup for all of the above Frog Balls
Hash Cash The Nuts
Hash Trailmaster Grumpy Woggle Wanker
Hash Beer Trailer MasterBoats
Hash Ice MasterBoats/Bilge Pump
Beer Wench Los Huevos ... he aint no Tongue Job
Hash Flash Grumpy Woggle Wanker
Hash Lingerie Spaceman from the Planet Zog
Hash Haberdash Frogballs (heaven help Dili if PNTL create a fashion police)
Hash Social Events Nuts On/Nuts Off
Hash Web Page Squatter Who

Dili hash is really an amorphous blob of constantly changing personnel.  Do not expect an AGPU - Dili has a WPU instead.

If you really want to communicate with Dili Hash, it is best to do so via YahooGroups at the address below.  This is hash.  If we gave a single email address, it would never get read, someone would be on holidays, away with work or just prioritising thus placing drinking beer before answering emails.  So a spray to the whole hash list is most likely to get a response.  Are you with me ?