Dili hash has had a few websites.  No idea who they are all were but found these in my archive from when I started doing it in 2007.


The site was upgraded to the latest CMS technology in December 2013 after a year of procrastinating.  Everything was stuck in 2011 technology and could not be easily upgraded.  It had to be re-built from scratch but looks almost identical.  Hopefully, what we have now is upgradable more easily.  It was inevitable that the 2010 version was going to either break or get hacked.  It also opens the door to more features.


A complete re-build using a modern CMS (content management system).  However the CMS itself was not easily upgradable.  Security updates ceased in late 2011 so it was only a matter of time.


Prior to the current offering, there was this one from February 2010.  It was all done manually editting html directly.  But it was small and therefore loaded very fast over modem links.  (Thinking of poor impoverished Dili internet users here.)

2005 to 2007

I think Fossil Fiddler did it from late 2005 until early 2007  but can not find any evidence anymore.  Maybe Big Fossil can offer some insights to the now defunct http://lafaek.info

? to 2005

The last version of Insider's web site is still there in 2012.  Although it says last editted February 2005, I could have sworn she was still doing it late 2005.  If it actually has disappeared, here is a screenshot.

2000 to 2001

I can't remember where I found this one from 2000/01.  It looks like it was done in Australia by a mate of PNS.   Miraculously in 2012 it is still there untouched after 10+ years.If it actually has disappeared, here is a screenshot.