There is an optional run and walk which usually takes about an hour and covers from 5 to 10kms depending on the vindictiveness of the hare.  Most runs have hills and trails are often gravelly so running shoes tending towards the cross-trainer type are probably better than the smooth soled ones.  All fitness levels are catered for and walkers often outnumber the runners these days.

Dili is warm for the entire year and daily maximum temperatures are in the range 28 to 34 degrees for 99% of the year.  In the wet season, temperatures may be at the lower end of this range but humidity is usually well over 90%.  Wet season tropical downpours are actually not that common and one might expect one or two wet runs per year (OK, 2010 was a big one for wetness) but even the wet ones make for an exciting time.  If staying on for eats after, you may like to bring mossie repellant and long pants/shirts.  Perhaps only a fresh t-shirt and towel.  Money is always handy (minimum $5).

Whether you get wet by rain or perspiration, you will usually be wet but you will usually dry fairly quickly (except on rain days).  If you think your perspiration will offend, then bring along some spare clothing and maybe a towel.  But everyone else will be out to offend you, so why worry.

If you have a bag, you can leave it in a locked car.  There is usually someone who stays behind to look out for any dodgy behaviour but they are mainly there to protect the hash's principal resource ... it's beer !  So either bring a slimmed-down wallet/purse and consider a bumbag or arm pouch for your keys/money.

You will receive a bucketing if you come to hash wearing designer gear.  Wear running shoes but do not expect to keep them spotlessly clean.

Bring enough money to pay your hash fee of US$ 5 which provides open slather drinking for an hour or so.  Beer and soft drinks are available.  BYO stubby cooler also recommended for the connoiseur.

The hash usually goes out for a feed after the run.  Sometimes this will be at the run site itself but mostly, it will be local bar/restaurants.  Some go home for a shower before the feed - some do not bother.

A sense of humour is mandatory.  So there you have it.

Notes :

(1) mossie or mozzie is common antipodean slang for mosquito
(2) bucketing is common antipodean slang for having a bucket full of derision applied to you verbally
(3) antipodean is common British slang referring to the "other side of the world"