(That is how the first flier for a new running club in Dili, East Timor was headed.)

Original logo

It started when two intrepid idiots had a singular thought between them. Yes, ‘SLOPS’ & ‘PNS’ had just one thought. “Why don’t we start a Hash club in Dili?” We had previously trotted out with various other clubs from all over Australia and further afield in Asia, America, etc, etc. In the early days of East Timor’s Independence, working time was at a premium and the only time most people could have off at any one time was on a Sunday afternoon. The first flier was put together by SLOPS and sent to PNS to confirm details. After that it took ‘word-of-mouth’ and a few strategically placed copies of the flier to get the ball rolling.

It was in the rainy season (or WET) and people did do a lot of puddle jumping, SLOPS thought it a good idea to use it in the Trash. It stuck and to this day, DH3 is known as the ‘Puddle Jumpers’.

The first run was held opposite the United Nations Military Hospital (old Museum) in Dili down a lane. We were flooded with runners from all walks of life and nine (9) Expats trotted off on the first run. It was marked beautifully with white flour, which was somehow acquired from the hospital where PNS worked. That was the start of a beautiful friendship between Dili and DH3. The first Down-Down was beer and softies (some local, future hashers were present). The Hashers were, SLOPS, PNS, Scrubber, Bups, Turtle, Water Rat, Darryl, Bungy and Squirrel. We are a mixed Hash of all persuasions.

A friend of PNS’s, who was with the Egyptian medical team (Dentist) at the UNMILHOSP, originally drew the “PUDDLE JUMPER’. He represents:

  1. Origins of the DH3 Founding Fathers – ‘SLOPS’ & ‘PNS’,
  2. The all mighty BEER (a must for all occasions),
  3. The distance the first run was from the heart of Dili,
  4. How far we would’ve liked to have run but didn’t,
  5. The only known flying animal (that wasn’t eaten) in the early days, the mosquito,
  6. The sweaty brow of the runners during the WET season (Puddle Jumping), and
  7. A new day dawning on the world’s newest nation. (or soon to be)

There were times in the early days that the Military out numbered the other Expats and Nations, but it was nice to know that we were the best protected Hashers in the world. The military had to carry their weapons with them where ever they went and this meant that SLOPS could run/hobble that bit faster so he could beat the pack home. Cunning SCB he is. In those days, running of any kind was looked upon as silly but we showed them how silly we were & some walked as well. The early runs were flattish so we wouldn’t deter others from joining. Now we have a lot of hills that seem to attract the athletic types. What are these people doing in our Hash?

It only seems like yesterday that this illustrious club started and now we regularly number over the hundred mark, even if it is only by 3 or 4.

This isn’t the first time Hash was present in Dili but the ‘Puddle Jumpers’ are the longest, the previous club was present during Indonesian times.

Slops & PNS were joint GM’s & I was also the RA.

On On Founding Fathers - ‘SLOPS’ & ‘PNS