How long should my route be:
The longer the route the harder so keep it to about an hour.
Walkers, the preferred distance and time would be 6km which will take an hour.
Runners, preferred distance for 1hr is about 10km.
It's going to change with hills - naturally.

No one can route longer than an hour so don't even try.

How do I know my route?
You should know your route before you start.
Your can mark your route with either paper or flour.
Paper or flour marks about 200m apart is enough.
You can set out a false trail and then finish it with an "X" to mark an "on back" and send runners or walkers back to find the real route that you have laid.

Don't set something that is gong to take too long ... a definition of too long is anything more than 1 hour.

so says Far-Q, Nuts On and Daisy

[Editor's Note : a typical run is usually around 7.5 kms but a hilly run around Cristo Rei is rarely more than 4kms.  For those that remember Simple Seaman, 12+ kms plus which incurred a lot of abuse so avoid that.]