running and laughing in Dili, Timor-Leste since 2000

History of Dili Hash

Dili Hash House Harriers was formed by PNS and Slops and had its inaugural run on 27 April 2000 at the (then) UN Hospital which is now located in a non-descript area near the old abattoirs.  According to the records, there were 9 runners : PNS, Slops, Daryl, Turtle, Bups, Squirrel, Bungy, Scrubber and Water Rat.  The first few runs were held at familiar places such as :

  • UN Hospital
  • Oxfam
  • Resende Hotel (now a burnt-out shell since 2004)
  • Airport Carpark (presumably now known as the heliport and therefore currently off-limits)
  • The Bamboo Hut (pass ?)
  • Portuguese Hospital (now known as the Old Portuguese Hospital)
  • Matadouro Abattoirs (no longer an abattoir but just on the hills-side of the current UN compound)
  • Cristo Rei (naturally)
  • Timor Lodge Hotel
  • Dili Port

Although no-one from the 1st few runs is still hashing in Dili, there are some well-known Dili hashers who have been around a while :

  • Mudflap currently on 361 runs; first run at run #104 on 21 April 2002
  • TailLight currently on 340 runs; also first run at run #104 on 21 April 2002
  • Front Running Bum currently on 112 runs; first run at run #96 on 20 February 2002
  • Finnigan currently on 57 runs; first run at run #77 on 14 October 2001
  • Daisy (the GM) who has cracked 301 runs

Some other well-known names now in the past include : Wee Willie, Dribbler, Latrine, Diak Kali, Laceration, BBKing and the inimitable BrownEye.

The hash wall of shame can be seen in more detail at http://dilihash.wombathole.com/index.php/hasher-wall-of-shame

These days, Dili hash regularly gets around 40 to 50 runners and walkers and has seen some difficult times, particularly in 2006 when 2 runs were cancelled due to security problems.