Dili Hash House Harriers was formed by PNS and Slops and had its inaugural run on 27 April 2000 at the (then) UN Hospital which is now located in a non-descript area near the old abattoirs.  According to the records, there were 9 runners : PNS, Slops, Daryl, Turtle, Bups, Squirrel, Bungy, Scrubber and Water Rat.  The first few runs were held at familiar places such as :

  • UN Hospital
  • Oxfam
  • Resende Hotel (now a burnt-out shell since 2004)
  • Airport Carpark (presumably now known as the heliport and therefore currently off-limits)
  • The Bamboo Hut (pass ?)
  • Portuguese Hospital (now known as the Old Portuguese Hospital)
  • Matadouro Abattoirs (no longer an abattoir but just on the hills-side of the current UN compound)
  • Cristo Rei (naturally)
  • Timor Lodge Hotel
  • Dili Port

Although no-one from the 1st few runs is still hashing in Dili, there are some well-known Dili hashers who have been around a while :

  • Mudflap currently on 361 runs; first run at run #104 on 21 April 2002
  • TailLight currently on 340 runs; also first run at run #104 on 21 April 2002
  • Front Running Bum currently on 112 runs; first run at run #96 on 20 February 2002
  • Finnigan currently on 57 runs; first run at run #77 on 14 October 2001
  • Daisy (the GM) who has cracked 301 runs

Some other well-known names now in the past include : Wee Willie, Dribbler, Latrine, Diak Kali, Laceration, BBKing and the inimitable BrownEye.

The hash wall of shame can be seen in more detail at http://dilihash.wombathole.com/index.php/hasher-wall-of-shame

These days, Dili hash regularly gets around 40 to 50 runners and walkers and has seen some difficult times, particularly in 2006 when 2 runs were cancelled due to security problems.